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Video slideThe Panther X3S (Sex Panther) Electric Skateboard: 30 MPH Budget Beast

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obout Pantherboard

About the black panther board

We are a high-tech company in China. We started to develop and sell electric four-wheeled skateboards in 2015. After repeated tests, we have developed a high-speed, high-endurance, stable electric four-wheeled skateboard. Our team often hosts large skateboarding events. We hold skateboarding parties every week in Shenzhen, Dongguan, China, etc. In the skateboarding activities, we constantly test and perfect our products.

Mr. Chen, CEO of the company, has been engaged in skateboarding for 10 years. He is a professional skater and often allows employees to participate in skateboarding. He is also a testing expert at several electric skateboard ESC factories in Shenzhen.

friends! Welcome to Shenzhen, China! We welcome you every week at the beautiful Songshan Lake skateboarding feast in Dongguan!